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Biggest Local Government Receives
Voting Rights Act “Bailout”

J. Gerald Hebert
Business: 703-628-4673

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For Release April 10, 2012

TThe largest political subdivision thus far has been granted a bailout from the special provisions of the Voting Rights Act by a three-judge court in Washington, DC. In the last twelve months, a total of 23 political subdivisions have bailed out.

A bailout means that these local governments will no longer be required to submit any of their voting changes to the Justice Department for preclearance review, and will give local election officials greater flexibility in making many routine voting and election changes that will assist voters.

Gerry Hebert, a solo practitioner in Alexandria, Virginia, handled all of these cases, often working with local counsel or the city or county attorney. Gerry also currently represents Merced County, CA, which is seeking a bailout under the Voting Rights Act, as well as several other local governments in California who are pursuing bailouts. Merced County’s bailout lawsuit is on behalf of the County and 88 political divisions.

Any person desiring a copy of any of the bailout papers may contact Gerry Hebert at the email address above.




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